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AR Drone Hints and Tips

There has been an awful lot of things written about the AR drone, most of them good. But  there have been some issues. Here are a few hints and tips that may help. Indeed if you have anything that we could post, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Downgrading your firmware.

We updated the firmware on a drone today to the latest 1.5.1. However once tested, the drone was twitching all over the place. One of our new customers told us about downgrading the firmware to the more stable 1.4.7. This was done easily using the Drone Control app in iTunes.

It was very easy to do. So if you have a similar issue, try it. It worked for us.

Fixing the lighting kits to the drone.

So, you've just bought a lighting kit from I-Drone and want to fix it on. They come ready to fix on with double sided tape. If you want a more professional look you will need to hide the wiring. Ideally pushing it through the hull, this is not that hard. Looking at the JST-XH cable plug, note, the positions of the two cables. With the red wire on the far right and black on the far left. Gently pull the metal pins out from the bottom of the plug using a small pair of pliers. Now you can position the light strip where you want, mark out where the cable is to go through the hull and make a small hole.You can pierce the hull quite easily. We use a bradawl or an old metal coat hanger, then normally sleeve the hole with a small plastic tube. This makes passing wires through easier and adds to the strength. Once the cables are through, refit the wiring of the plug. (MAKE SURE THE POLARITY IS CORRECT AND THAT THE CABLES ARE PUSHED FULLY IN).

Warm up the strips slightly if you need to bend them around the hull or they may snap!

Painting your drone.

You can easily paint the hull and if you want the whole drone. First you need to remove the shell that has the paintwork on it. Its only fixed on with double sided tape. Prise your fingers between the hull and the shell, and ease them apart. Now with fine sandpaper, lightly roughen up the shell and paint with an Acrylic Primer and then follow up with  your desired Acrylic top coat. Once dried, you can re-fix the shell to the hull with some double sided tape and add vinyl stickers if needed.